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This is a wiki all about the wonderful animation Fairy Foxes created by StickFreeks. All infomation you need about Fairy Foxes is right here!


Hello good people of Wikia, this is StickFreeks (username StickyChan on this particular website), and I will just tell you now that although I visit this website on rare occasion to make sure nobody's changed anything around to what it shouldn't be; I will not be nearly as active on this site as I will be on deviant Art or YouTube. If you want to reach me with questions, comments, concerns, or smalltalk...

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Fairy Foxes Wiki logo changeEdit

I talked to StickyChan (StickyChan) to change the text to the new logo - Pichu8boy (Notice I live in the same state like StickyChan (StickFreeks) 8:02pm May 14, 2011 (UTC)

Fairy Foxes!Edit

We are proud to present the very first Fairy Foxes wiki! You will be able to get all your info on Fairy Foxes here. Very soon we will have a section just for fan-fictions!

StickyChan: Fan-Fictions?! Lolz... well anyway, Fairy Foxes is just actually a random test series gone wild... I was going to do only maybe 3 episodes but it kept going, so now I plan to maybe have 15 episodes.

View Episodes 1-8 at:

Hey StickFreeks plese make about, maybe 20 episodes to try to have the most people watch your show

Latest activityEdit

20??? I'll keep making episodes until the series is done. I'm not going to add in random episodes just for a larger audience potential. =w= If it reaches 20 it reaches 20. I'm probably going to do 15 or so.

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